五月 2018

Tips for skiing

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First, how to prevent snow. It's hard to avoid falling when skiing. If there is no public ski suit, the snow will get into the clothes from the ankles, the means, the collar and so on. It is extremely annoying. What kind of equipment can solve this problem? In fact, it is very simple. You [...]

Learn first aid before skiing!

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Nowadays, Skiing has become a popular entertainment in winter. But,  the sport is more vulnerable or even unexpected. So it is necessary to master some ways to self-help and mutual help. If you want to avoid injury,  pay attention to the following seven notes before skiing. 1, Find a teacher if you're a beginner. You'd better find [...]

How to choose Sleeping bag?

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What's the best sleeping bag for you? And do you know how to choose sleeping bag? Metabolism varies from person to person, and sleeping bag temperature ratings vary from one manufacturer to the next. Use these ratings as a guide only. A sleeping bag's temperature rating identifies the lowest temperature at which a bag is [...]

How to clean and maintain the tent?

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How to clean and maintain the tent? Cleaning and maintenance are very important for tent, so we should do as follows: 1, Clean the bottom of the tent, wipe the sediment if any pollution can be scrubbed with water slightly. 2, Dry the tent inside and outside before put it away. 3, Clean the pole. 4, Check tent accessories. [...]

四月 2018

Ten Wilderness Survival Tools

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Most outdoor enthusiasts have no idea that what needs to put in their first aid kit.  We think it should be the necessary supplies to cross the desert wilderness. Of course, GPS and a satellite phone will be very useful, but there are other things we need to carry with us. Below is Ten Wilderness Survival Tools. 1, Knife [...]